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  • All believe in killing babies during the nine months of pregnancy and after. 
  • All believe in open Borders destroying our Sovereignty.
  • All believe in defunding the military.
  • All believe in taking away our guns. 
  • All believe in weakening our economy through Government ownership.
  • All believe in sanctuary cities. 
  • All believe in suppressing free speech.
  • All believe in raising taxes to the extreme.
  • All believe in the reparations for slavery.
  • All believe in the removal of the Electoral College.
  • Progressives - Democrats-Socialists - Marxists - All Think Alike - All are Communists. 




There is a conspiracy going on in America to bring down a duly elected President and the Constitution by a well organized global conspiratorial Organization Including the Deep State in our own government, owners of the New York Times, Soros, large news organizations, Social Media, and the hierarchy of the Communist Party.

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